Inkless everlasting pen - Canes ST2020
  • Inkless everlasting pen - Canes ST2020

    Eco doesn’t only mean no plastic, it also means high quality products (durability). We are constantly looking for this and are happy to introduce our brand new writing instrument that never runs out of ink. The base of the writing instrument is made of the finest aluminum while the tip is made of carbon fiber.


    It writes up to 15.000 meters and in order to contribute a bit more to the environment we add free of charge an additional carbon fiber tip so you can use up to 30.000 meters! The Canes is standard packed into a black carton gift box. A separate vegan pouch in black color for scratch free traveling can be ordered separately.


    Size 165 x 9 mm

    Logo size 100 x 7 mm

      € 10,95Price

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